Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lobster Fest

Today is dear hubby's birthday, so I decided to try a new recipe I saw in this month's Gourmet Magazine. Lobster, parboiled, split, and then grilled, served on arugula, with boiled new potatoes and a basil vinaigrette.

Nick and I procured four fresh crustaceans after school at Dirk's Seafood. Fairly outrageously priced at $20/pound (thanks, Mom!), they were lively fellows upon arrival in the refrigerator.

Nick helped with the gory part. We had to slaughter them two at a time.

The lobsters were parboiled in about four minutes. We took them out to cool a bit, and then pulled the claws off and split them down the middle.

We grilled them for about three minutes a side.

Here is the birthday boy, beaming over his "catch."

Voila! The finished product. Dressed with a basil vinaigrette and served atop arugula and boiled new potatoes.

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