Monday, October 08, 2007

Seasonal Soup

Mark Bittmann's "Minimalist" column in the New York Times is one of my favorite "what's for dinner" resources. Last week, he offered a seasonal soup made with zucchini and pears. It can be served cold or warm, and is terrific with open-faced melted cheese sandwiches. Here is my version, topped with a little chopped mint. I might also indulge in a bit of creme fraiche or sour cream next time, to enrich the soup and balance out the sweetness.

Apple Pie Imitation

This being fall, and apples being on sale at Whole Foods, I was moved to bake an apple pie. Earlier this summer, we had the best pie ever from a little farmers' market in Wisconsin near Nick's camp. Their signature pie is baked in a paper bag; I sought to try this method. I found the farmers' market's recipe and gave it a whirl. Sadly, my pie dough rolling skills are less than passable, so it wasn't the prettiest pie around, but it sure tasted good.