Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fish Cakes

Fish Cakes
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Tonight, I made fish cakes with tilapia, inspired by a recipe in the current issue of Everyday Food. Baked, flaked tilapia, combined with chopped parsley and bound with mayonnaise, horseradish, and eggs. Served with homemade tartar sauce and lemon wedges, rice, and green beans. Nick especially liked them.

Still in the oven: Indian Pudding (from another issue of Everyday Food), which is basically slowly baked half and half with molasses, cinnamon, and ginger.


Mar said...

I was wondering how those fish cakes would be.
But I was going to make the pies on the page before.

mickeynick said...

They were pretty good. Next time, I would put some hot sauce in the batter in addition to the horseradish--not quite spicy enough.